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The Self Portrait Station is the newest evolution in photo booth fun and technology. Our motto is "you pose, you click, we print," and it works pretty much just like that! Our booth isn't actually a booth at all. With no confining walls, you're free to gather all your friends and go nuts! The fun of posing and clicking with friends is irresistible. The Self Portrait Station doesn't just capture and print photos, it captures the essence and energy of the event! Call us for your next party!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Halloween Party! - Phoenix Photo Booth

The next big holiday is Halloween, and you can never start planning too early! I really want this holiday to get here soon, because that means it won't be 110 degrees anymore! Are you planning a big Halloween party? If so, the folks over at Martha Stewart have some great decorating ideas.

We at the Self Portrait Station think a Halloween party would be the perfect for a photo booth, so you're sure to get pictures of all the great costumes! Call us to book your party now!

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